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“Read anywhere” but only if you are rich with internet

The title of the application is a false advertisement. Get a hard copy and tell your teacher why her class is back by the upper echelon of bureaucratic society. internet is required to read “anywhere “ BUT when you need it. So make sure you are a rich collage student if you need this application. It total trash and I feel pity for others that require it. I feel like the zealots are winning the battleground of education and we are the subjects of the lost and financially raped Society of students. So haul and salute to the masters of our Financial demise. My wallet is raped thank you for Subjugating your required trash material upon educated opportunists and thank you Apple for sponsoring trash applications. I am fully disappointed in the representation of your product and do not trust your brand or label or whatever legal bull you feel to call your self.

Where is my book?

I've logged in, and it says I have no books in my library. I should have a business law book by Kubisek, NADA. And deleting the app and re-downloading it hasn't helped at all. This is a crap app by a crap, bloodsucking company. I hate all these education "tools". They're not tools, they are buggy, glitched programs that barely function. Heads up, McGraw: NO ONE LIKES USING YOUR PRODUCTS.

Audio capability

Would there be anyway to enhance this app to be able to make audio reading easier. Instead of highlighting the text and pressing the speaker to read. Maybe an option to play by chapter. I downloaded this because I thought it was set up that way and would work well when my hands aren’t free and I can listen to the book instead. If that is possible this will be truly an amazing app. But until then it’s hard to use. Doesn’t help when I’m driving and want to hear as I drive a lot with my job. It won’t play over my car just through headphone or out of phone itself.

Great E-Reader

Great e-reader, so far it has worked flawlessly for my digital text books. However it is pretty basic (you can’t mark-up or annotate directly on the pages, but highlighting, underlining, bookmarks, and definitions are still available with a simple tap) I’m not sure why there are so many negative reviews... my professor made this application a direct requirement for the course and I’m glad he did.

Error downloading

App always gives me error messages when downloading.

Read nowhere

After spending half an hour on the phone with technical support. I can’t even log in, even though it works on browser and connect. Now the issue has been forwarded to engineering. Not off to a great start. Read anywhere app is currently read nowhere for me... do I have to give it even one star?

Consistently loses data

I could deal with my place being lost but this frequently loses the ability to highlight and has more than once purged chapters of highlights with no recovery options. Pure garbage.

App is ok when it works

I just recently started using this app and it has already made my book unable to access multiple times. Every time I go in to access the book it states that “there is nothing here” and that “you have no titles in your library”. There is also no place to enter the book code, nothing. Deleted and downloaded again, nothing. If it did work they could improve this app by having an audio book option.

Terrible app, mediocre customer support

I had the app for a little over a month before experiencing difficulties. The app worked well initially and showed to be very useful. However, after a month, the app managed to lose its data, requiring me to re-download the book entirely to view offline. I then lost several features, mainly the search feature. I assumed it was a mild error and uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it. Once I reinstalled it and logged in, the app said I no longer had access to the book. After being on the phone with customer support for 30min. Nothing was resolved, only more frustration. Now I’m supposedly waiting for the engineer team to get back with me. For me, being able to view offline was huge, I don’t always have access to internet and now my studies are limited because of this issue.


I’m in class right now writing this review because it’s not like I could read my book all I get is half a page and the rest is a blank white screen.

Needs a lot of work

no reader, you have to highlight then the bot reads it, what if i'm driving, i wish it can be played without highlighting it

Books disappeared while offline reading

The app worked well for about 5 weeks into the term and then anytime I was offline the content was missing and the library within the app said nothing is there. The only way to access the book was to be connected to WiFi or the internet. Contacted the McGraw Hill staff and they passed it around. Gave the typical “delete and reinstall the app” which I had already done and still had the same issue. The problem got passed on to an engineer and it’s been another 5 weeks and the term is pretty much over and I haven’t heard any response. I will avoid using these ebooks for school in the future and will Hopefully be able to use other platforms for text books in the future

Library doesn’t work

I log in and my course doesn’t show up in my library and no way to add it. It’s registered when I go to the connect website though

Book doesn't show up

When I log in it says I do not currently have any titles available. I guess my psychology book isn't available? Very unfortunate.

Doesn’t work

I log in and it says that there are no books in my library. Contacted support and have heard nothing back

An absolute MUST have

The read anywhere app is an absolute MUST have for students using McGraw-Hill! This app gives you the access to read your textbook anywhere and anytime without the pain of carrying the book with you! Say goodbye to the stress of getting caught up and wishing you had your books with you because with Read Anywhere you have access to your books ALL the time!

Great app

Great app and design. I downloaded this app for my Spanish class and it's great to have this app for reading on the go. It's easy to use and very convenient. I would highly recommend this app for any student on the go!

Read Anywhere (literally!)

Read Anywhere is exactly how it sounds. You can literally read... anywhere! You can study, anywhere! It’s completely at your convenience, and is there where you take your phone. Just another example of McGraw-Hill being there for you, again!

Very Convenient

I love this app because of the accessibility. I can use it offline which is nice because it doesn’t use up any of my data. I can use it on the go, even if there is no good service where I am. It was made by the producers of the book so I know that I am reading the right stuff. Highly recommend to anyone!

Bring back search option

Used to have the option to search for keywords.

So convenient

The read anywhere app has made it so easy for me to fit studying into my schedule. Now I can pull out my phone or iPad and study during my morning commute or in between classes to utilize my time smartly and save me time later. Now I can get more studying done during the day and have more free time at night.

Works well & needs more functionality

Seems to do the minimal of what’s needed. Download for offline use, highlight text, underlines text (wish you could choose the color for underlining!...just does black, so it’s difficult to tell if you did it or if it came with book), and add text-notes to specific words/phrases that you highlight. However, this app could be MUCH more dynamic. Functionality that would give this app a 5 star: -The ability to write/draw with finger/stylus! -pre-made shapes/figures -add text boxes so we can fill white sides next to e-book text -Highlight ability simply by sliding finger over desired text (like iBook) If we are required to use an e-book for our courses, then McGraw Hill apps should give us close to the same functionality as a real/physical book. I want to be able to make “mark-up” additions to the e-book like I can in iBooks (iOS is capable of these functions; please make this app capable as well). I want to be able to draw arrows between paragraphs, and I want to add in text boxes that overlay onto white spaces near book text. Most especially with Chem books, there are a lot of equations, and in my mind, I need to draw connections between what the text is saying and how the equation is manipulated to answer the question. Since more effective learning is the main goal of this publisher, please make this app more dynamic and give us more functions than physical books could ever give us =)

Voiceover is terrible

I downloaded the app after a company rep told our class we could let the app read while we drive. I have to drive a distance for work sometimes so I thought I’d give it a try. It was awful. I can’t believe he recommended it. This is saying you have something just because you have it when the product quality is very poor.

Lol nope

Cengage is so superior


Im not sure why universities make students use these online "tools" for certain classes... Normally theyre buggy, have too much going on, UI is annoying to figure out, things are hidden all over the place... Im not sure why they cannot just offer a standard PDF version of textbooks instead of the obnoxious "interactive textbooks" So i normally just try to copy & paste into a word doc and make my own pdf to read and reference to. Best solution so far.

Self Reading

It would be great if this had a feature that allowed you to select where you wanted it to start reading from by tapping on the location and then hitting a play button. VitalSource has a feature like this and it is very beneficial for those of us that also learn and retain information through audio.

Good but...

I am using this for my freshman year chemistry class and I like it so far! I just wish that you could do practice problems on the app like you can online.

Can’t login

Using this app on the iPad Air 2. I was logged out when I updated the app. Now I can’t log back in; I keep getting “wrong email or password” error even though all of my information is correct. Currently, I can only read through the desktop version.

So far, pretty good

Great design, great functionality. So easy to navigate between sections, highlight important bits, and browse my highlights/bookmarks. I'm honestly surprised: my desktop browser experience with all things Connect related is often a miserable one, but this is something else. Update2: developers reached out to me, thanks for that! Here are more details on the issue I had, hope this helps: --the textbook is called "Ross, Corporate Finance: Core Principles and Applications, 5e (ebook)". --I had downloaded it in its entirety for offline use through this app --I was connected to wifi at the time. --iPad Air 1, 16GB, iOS 10.0.2. --The error message appeared in brackets, with red colored, italicized, regular sized font: "[Math Processing Error]". --At the time, I was reading about financial ratios in Chapter 3, and the error message had replaced every instance of math equations. --I removed and reinstalled the app, restarted my iPad, and have not seen the error message since then. I have, however, noticed a second issue: throughout the book, there seems to small red "broken image icons". Let me know if there's a way I can send you screenshots of this.

First week

So far very smooth, functionality 100% and no speed issues loading. Effective and efficient. It will be a useful app, formatting of pages transitions well.

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